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Use this online calendar to show if you are available or not! The simple solution for: is simple,
handy and totally free!

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Include your calendar into your own website!

Its very easy to incorporate your online calendar into your own website. When logged in you will find a short piece of code that you can copy and paste into your own website. It is that easy to show your free online availability or occupancy calendar to the visitors of your website!

The calendar is very easy to use

The easy online calendar of provides a simple way to show others your availability or occupancy information. Just one click of your mouse switches a date to 'occupied' or 'available'.

Perhaps you are self-employed, and you wish to inform your potential customers when you are free to do work for them.

Or maybe you're a nanny or babysitter and you want an easy way to let your customers know if you are available on a specific day or not.

Are you on standby for a company or a work agency? You can easily show your employer if you are available or not!

Easy to use as basic rental calendar

Do you rent out your holiday home, caravan, car or other object and are you looking for a simple way to show its occupancy? gives you the means to do that in a very easy way. Because it does not matter at all if you use the online calendar for yourself as a person or for something else.

Just your name and email address are sufficient

To apply for a calendar at you do not need to enter personal information. A valid email address and your name are enough to get started.

Of course you can personalize your calendar by adding a nice profile picture and a description of yourself or of the (rental) object. Plus you can add links to your social media if you want.

You decide on your privacy settings

Dont want your online calendar to appear in Google search results? You can switch that off easily.

An online calendar within 1 minute. Free.

As soon as your application is complete (which usually takes less than a minute) you are provided with your own unique calendar. It will be online immediately!
Share your page with others or link to it from your own website, Facebook- LinkedIn, Skype, Google+ of Twitterpages. You can even integrate it into your own website.

And the best news? Your online calendar is completely free!

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